8k Radio

Filter Coffee with Dheena (Tamil)

8K Radio is the original Digital Radio created by 8K Miles Media Group. With exclusive 24/7 Live Radio Channels in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, 8K Radio has become a favoured option to connect with the Indian diaspora in North America. Unique and popular features like on-demand programs, Live shows across timezones, and in-built interactive features have made 8k Radio a preferred infotainment medium for Indian Americans. 


Filter Coffee with Dheena (Tamil)

Two Idiots- Dinesh and Priya (Tamil)

8K Radio is North America’s favorite South Asian Radio that features new exciting content in 3 different languages. They are available in both terrestrial radio and digital Radio. Our Terrestrial radio spans across New Jersey (92.7, 100.7, 103.3 HD2) and Chicago (96.7, 107.1 FM).

Our digital radio is available in 3 dialects: Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. 8K Radio has become a favored option among South Asian Americans to connect with Indian entertainment, cinema, music, and information.  

You can find out more at ny.8kradio.com


8K Radio Tamil is the first Digital Radio created by the 8K Miles Media Group exclusively for Tamil Americans. It has grown to become the undisputed leader in its language segment. 8k Radio Tamil is a 24/7 Live Radio Channel that covers three main time zones- PST, CST and EST. It is available on the Web, iOS and Android.

With Live shows, customized on-demand programs, as well as innovative in-built interactive features- 8K Radio Tamil provides much-needed targeted content for the Tamil-speaking community in North America. 

You can find out more about 8K Radio Tamil at tamil.8kradio.com


8K Radio Telugu

The long-awaited radio for Telugu-Americans is finally here! 8K Radio Telugu is a 24/7 Digital Radio from the US covering three main time zones- PST, CST and EST. It is available on the Web, iOS and Android. 

8K Radio Telugu offers much needed infotainment, like news, music & Tollywood updates, for the Telugu-speaking community in North America. This exclusive Telugu channel offers Live programs, talented RJs, and innovative in-built interactive features. 

You can find out more about 8K Radio Telugu at telugu.8kradio.com